Here’s a quick note of some of the more exciting companies I encountered at TFM&A 2014: cloud.IQ cloud.IQ specialises in cart recovery. On average 75% of online shoppers abandon purchases at some point during the sales process (so-called “dropped baskets”). cloud.IQ’s software lets you track site visitors and automatically remarket to them if they abandon. […]

The digital marketing arena is becoming ever more complex. At TFM&A this year there were 180 different seminars covering an enormous variety of topics from content management to web optimisation, customer relationship management (CRM) to data analytics, social media to mobile marketing and on and on. It’s becoming increasingly clear that you can’t be an […]

Back in the 1990s, when I was involved in telecoms, there was a thing called “First Mover Advantage”. The popular belief among VCs and entrepreneurs was that it was important to be first into the market with a new product or business model, so you could take the lion’s share of the market before anybody […]

One of the basic principles of our economic system is that capital flows towards the most deserving hands, normally the opportunity for the best return for the lowest risk. So the entrepreneur, as business owner, acts as a magnet for capital attracting wealth to his business, whether from investors in exchange for a promise of […]

If you haven’t yet picked up on the BBC’s series on Iceland Foods I suggest you have a look at it. Iceland is an amazing entrepreneurial success story. The company was founded in Oswestry on the Welsh border in 1970 by Malcolm Walker. Malcolm is a colourful old fashioned entrepreneur: failure at school, streetwise, unsophisticated, […]

I get around quite a few SMEs in the London area and the two most common complaints I hear from business owners are that; 1) there never seem to be enough hours in the day and 2) there just isn’t enough money to go round. This has been particularly so since the Big Freeze took hold in […]

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