Back in the 1990s, when I was involved in telecoms, there was a thing called “First Mover Advantage”. The popular belief among VCs and entrepreneurs was that it was important to be first into the market with a new product or business model, so you could take the lion’s share of the market before anybody […]

One of the basic principles of our economic system is that capital flows towards the most deserving hands, normally the opportunity for the best return for the lowest risk. So the entrepreneur, as business owner, acts as a magnet for capital attracting wealth to his business, whether from investors in exchange for a promise of […]

I get around quite a few SMEs in the London area and the two most common complaints I hear from business owners are that; 1) there never seem to be enough hours in the day and 2) there just isn’t enough money to go round. This has been particularly so since the Big Freeze took hold in […]

In a recent UK survey supervisors were asked to rank the importance of 10 motivators for their employees. The employees were then asked to rank the same 10 motivators in order of what was important to them. Here’s what the survey found:- It looks like there’s a big difference between what the employees think and […]

For many years advocates of positive thinking have preached a simple message: thought precedes action, so if we want to become more successful, the first thing we need to do is change the way we think. We’re told that we can do this by changing what we say to ourselves when talking to ourselves (so-called […]

Image credit to The Science of Marginal Gains One of the more amusing stories to come out of the London Olympics was a comment by Isabelle Gautheron, the boss of the French cycling team, that the British “were supposed to be using the same wheels the French team, but they couldn’t be because the […]

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