Image credit to The Science of Marginal Gains One of the more amusing stories to come out of the London Olympics was a comment by Isabelle Gautheron, the boss of the French cycling team, that the British “were supposed to be using the same wheels the French team, but they couldn’t be because the […]

These days most people are familiar with the importance of Repeat Business. In any business there’s an upfront cost of getting new customers through the door and in most cases it’s unlikely that this investment will be recovered on the first sale. It’s only after the second or maybe the third or fourth purchase that […]

One of the cheapest ways to grow your business is to improve your conversion rate. Why is that? Well, the most expensive part of the sales and marketing process is generating new leads. As a rough guide, it costs about six times more to find a new customer than to do more business with an […]

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