Adam Wilson has taken my business to a new level. The most prominent feature of my experience with Adam has been the assistance he gave me with my sales techniques. I have increased my conversion rate from around 30% to 70% or more.

Robby Du Toit - QPI, London

The whole process has increased both my business confidence and my personal confidence and I now feel much more in control of both.

Chris Vincent-Bennett - VB Construction

Working with Adam Wilson has concentrated my mind and made me focus on the things I need to be doing to take my business forward.

Before I met Adam I was not doing any marketing.  Our business was well established and had grown through word of mouth over the years but this has not been enough to keep us on track during the tough times we have experienced over the last 12 months.

Adam has taught me how think of marketing expenditure as an investment rather than an expense and like all investments it needs to be carefully evaluated before you part with your hard earned cash. So the first thing we did together was put a system in place so I could work out what was working and what was not.

We then worked on a couple of marketing pieces together and after only a few weeks I am confident we are going in the right direction.

I now feel more confident and capable. Where I was dong things right I now understand why.  And where I needed to change I can see what I need to do differently.

Fiona Bennett - Corporate Image of London

In a few short discussions Adam provided me with useful tools and walked me through a very simple yet powerful process to objectively review my business performance and earning potential. His thinking, advice and recommendations have been invaluable and equipped me with the confidence to make decisions about next steps and the most prudent way forward.

Roun Iyer - RoCo Coffee

One of the most inspiring aspects of my job has been working with you, and you have taught me a great deal.

Nicole Townsin - Studio Director, Sebastian Conran Associates

Working with a coach has enabled me to get my business back on track

Specifically, Adam has helped me evaluate my priorities and get focused on the things I need to do.

I would recommend everybody coaching to everyone in business.

Ricard Dickson - Numberworks

My business partner and I have been working with Adam over the last 2 years.

Adam has helped us turn our business into a well organised, structured and sales orientated company. Prior to working with Adam we ran the business in a slightly unstructured way, assuming our numbers instead of really knowing them. The difference in running a business with a structured and knowledgeable base has been enlightening and really enjoyable.

I find I use my time more effectively and feel much more confident in my own ability, not only that but we also have happy motivated staff.

I would highly recommend any business owner to give Adam Wilson a try, you will not be disappointed!

Wendy Peterman - Petermans Estate Agents

I am writing to thank you for inviting me to participate in your latest seminar ”Does your business look like this?”

Since attending last week, I have started to look at my marketing efforts in a completely different light.

Your presentation was so professional, interesting, informative and had a fun element, which illustrated the important points.

I wish that I had met you years ago.

Angela Franks - Agel Products

Adam provided somebody could import and gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I was doing, which was extremely valuable.  Adam has taught me that success in business is all about hard facts and I realised that I needed to be more analytical and have me and made some real progress in understanding how my business works.

Adam made me set specific targets for the business.  I’ve realised how much I’ve achieved and made me congratulate myself on reaching and exceeding my goals.

The curriculum he developed was ideally suited for our group and he was good at anticipating our needs as they arose.

I’ve also quite enjoyed it.

Ken O’Connor - Numberworks

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for your help to date. I believe your main contribution to date has been:-

  1. Strategic planning: Helping us define goals over next 3 to 5 years then drill down to specific targets and action plans to achieve it. It’s brought clarity to the business and given us a sense if direction. So far we are on target for 50% increase in turnover.
  2. Personal Development: We have started the journey of thinking and acting as winners.
  3. Business Discipline: Setting goals each fortnight then assessing the next meeting has certainly given me and the business more discipline in terms of operating.
Richard Crowley - Property World

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