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In the world of business, Success never happens by accident. It’s the result of developing a winning mindset and following a consistent set of behaviours over time.

I’ve done the City, Big Corporate and Entrepreneur. Now, much of what I do is about teaching these skills to other business owners.

A recent government report found that in 2012/13 businesses using a Coach grew four times faster on average than other small to medium-size businesses.

My Twist.

If you’re looking for someone to help get to the next level in business and you want to get things done fast, you’ve come to the right place… If you hate arrogance, complacency and, above all, bureaucracy, read on… Successful people take action. The biggest risk in business is staying where you are and hoping things will work out…

The Three Big Issues

Businesses are complex organisms and every single business is different. But when I go out and meet business owners I find they often face issues in the same three areas:

  • Horsepower

    Many business owners consistently work 12 to 14 hour days leaving them stressed and on the verge of burnout. They have no life outside the businesses and eventually end up paying a high price in terms of health, family and relationships.

    Others are spending too much time working on day-to-day operations and not enough time working on stuff which will help the business grow.

    Are you one of those business owners who spends too much time on crisis management? Then you need to change that. Or you can never expect your business to grow to reach its full potential.


    Most business owners feel that they have to be the best at everything in their business. A common problem in many of the creative businesses in London. Often the brand is built around the personality of the founder and despite having built up a team, the business is still all about the boss.

    This mentality can prevent businesses from attracting and hiring really talented people, which stunts growth. And since everything still comes back to the boss, the other consequence is long hours, damaged relationships, and eventually burnout.

    We will teach you how to break this cycle.


    Sometimes we come across businesses which are in financial crisis and rapid action is needed.

    Mostly though, the business is doing okay, but it’s not generating enough profit and cash to satisfy the owner’s long term goals. So there’s just enough money to maintain a reasonable standard of living, but not enough to finance that dream property and, more importantly, the business owner’s retirement fund. In other words, “doing okay”, isn’t okay at all.

    This also means that the business isn’t saleable.

    We can show you how to fix this by identifying and focusing on activities that make you money.

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